How to Prevent Car Stealing to Avoid High Premiums

There is a question that must not leave the minds of car owners: “What’s the best approach to secure my car against being stolen?”

Skilled thieves make their living out of car theft.  They can do this because they know the deception that you’re not aware of.  To eliminate this, take a few precautions to avoid becoming a victim of car theft.  Consider the following tips on how to prevent car stealing to avoid high premiums.

Layer your protection

By layering anti-theft devices, it creates a strong way of stopping car stealing.  If you have the right combination, you safeguard your car in various ways and eliminate the opportunities of having it stolen.

Add an alarm system

The sound of an alarm will definitely control the thief in his attempt to steal your car before he even succeeds in doing it.

Consider immobilization device

The use of immobilization device will put an additional protective layer.  It discourages the thief from hot-wiring your car.

Many car models have already the built-in hidden button which the driver pushes to get it started.

Likewise, smart keys contain an installed chip which keeps the car from starting if another key is used.

Prevent Car Stealing to Avoid High Premium

This is the best tip to find a stolen car.  The market offers a number of monitoring devices to use:

  1.  A passive system that looks like a black box carried by an airplane.   It stays there in the glove box and gets GPS details like trip time, speed and distance.
  2. Real-time tracking system that lets you track your car in real time using a mobile device.

With several products, disabling the car’s starter is possible.  This system alerts you when the car drives from where it is parked.

When installing an anti-theft tool, put a sticker or a notice anywhere in the car so the robbers can see it.

Use common sense

Discontinuing a bad habit has long-term benefits toward controlling car theft:

  1. Never leave your keys inside the car. Whether you hang them in the ignition or store them in glove box, you’re helping the thief get what he needs if he wants to steal your car.
  2. Lock the car doors. Make a habit of regularly locking your car door.  Before leaving the car, always double check to ensure your keys are in the proper place.
  3. Park in a properly-light space. Parking area without lights is the first thing thieves always look for.

Auto theft has the effect on the rates of car insurance—whether direct or indirect.  The rising incident of car stealing pushes the car insurance companies to raise premiums.

If you have filed a claim previously, chances are your premium will be higher if you renew your car insurance next time.

It’s worth the money and time finding ways to protect your car.

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Helpful Strategies When Looking For The Best Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage In Florida

Shopping online for Florida homeowner’s insurance can be worrying, especially if you don’t know anything about it. If it’s your first time to get a new home, searching for the right insurance option is necessary.  You have to know exactly what your policy is and what it covers. Here are ten helpful strategies in finding the best coverage for your Florida homeowner’s insurance.

1.  Get bundling policies

If you have both home and car assets, savings will come to you if you move your two policies into a single insurance company.  Begin by calling up the insurance company where you insured your home and your car.  Then inquire if they have an option in getting discount for bundling policies.

When a bundling discount is offered, get quotes from each company then select the best coverage that provides the right price. Liability limits and coverage must be similar for each quote so that you can compare apples to apples.

best homeowners insurance coverage

2.  Know what is covered

Typically, homeowner’s insurance has the main dwelling including the other structures in the home—for instance sheds, garages, and others.  Your insurance policy must also cover your home’s content and must give security against liability if there is an occurrence of injury.

3.  See the liability limits

Although your homeowner’s insurance has already the liability coverage, it isn’t enough to give protection to you and to your assets.  If the liability coverage is not enough and you were sued by a person, you may have out-of-your-pocket costs.

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Florida Insurance – How to Get Cheap Premiums for Auto Insurance

When it comes to auto insurance ranks, Florida ranks 5th among the most luxurious states in US. However, if you consider some factors for low costs of car insurance, you will most likely get your cheap car insurance.  Before you search for the cheap deal, keep in mind that Florida requires mandatory lowest levels of coverage like:

  •        PIP of $10,000 per accident and per individual
  •        PDL of $10,000 per accident and per individual
  •        BIL of $20,000 per accident

In addition to these requirements, you must take into account what is the exact situation. For example, if your car is old, you must have only collision coverage policy that settles for the repair of the damaged car as a result of collision.  Full-coverage involves comprehensive coverage, along with the collision coverage. Comprehensive coverage pays for the damaged cars which are repaired on the account of other circumstances, rather than collision. Your savings can go up to 50% for your car insurance policy.

Best Deal for Auto Insurance

Aside from that, if you have a new car, you have more chances of getting lower premiums to pay.  Current car models are digitally improved and are safer during traffic, as opposed to the older models.  And if your car is old, you can install it with the latest safety features and the results will be a cheaper premium.

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Top 5 Tips to Identify Insurance Fraud

There are various types of insurance fraud that’s why people must know how to spot them and prevent the fraud from happening.  By contacting your local state department for insurance, you can secure yourself from paying high premiums. Below are 5 types of insurance fraud that you must be familiar with:

1.  Figure out what creates insurance fraud. A person who is involved in insurance process is a candidate of creating insurance fraud, whether it’s the insurance company, an insurance claims adjuster, an agent or a consumer.  For better understanding, insurance fraud happens when one person or entity purposely cheats another person for an unlawful intention.  This occurs everywhere in the pipeline of insurance process—from purchasing and utilizing insurance to the deeds of underwriting and selling the insurance policies.

2.  Understand the various kinds of premium diversion. Once insurance premiums get misused, it becomes one main reason for insurance fraud.  Basically, premium diversion occurs if a trusted insurance agent receives the premiums for his personal gain—without the need of passing them to the underwriter.  It only means that the insured person knows he’s paying his premium without knowing that the amount paid is diverted.

Insurance Fraud

3.  Learn about the impact of insurance fraud. Each year, the estimated total value of insurance fraud goes beyond $40 billion.  Most of such costs have been passed along to clients since insurance firms need to increase premiums to every policy to cover the incurred losses caused by fraudulent doings.  Because of this, an estimated cost for the additional premium each year reaches to $400.00 to $700.00.

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Importance of Buying Renter’s Insurance in Florida

After finding a new home or a new apartment and signing the lease contract, your next step is to move in. You can instruct your professional mover to be cautious enough in handling your personal properties.  This is the process of moving after you have carefully packed every costly possession and have individually wrapped all items.

Taking care of your belongings

When renting a home or apartment, you want to place all your belongings into a safe condition.  You need to have a level of protection for your items when you’re moving to another place or home.

Imagine how frustrating it is if your costly investment, like your couch, is lost. It may get lost because of fire, flood, vandalism or robbery.  If you lack money to buy a replacement, you will lose your personal property. This is the main reason why Florida renters insurance is very important. You can rely on this insurance once unexpected event happens to your personal property.

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Simple Guide for Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a special type of insurance designed to give protection to homeowners against damages and losses that result from perils like burglary, storms or fire. Legal costs are also covered if a third party gets injured inside your property or home. In an average homeowners insurance policy, flood or earthquake coverage is not part of it; however, this specific coverage can still be added to your policy.

Homeowners insurance is almost required before you can avail for the home loan approval.  Before the mortgage enterprise signs off for your loan application, your lender will require you to buy homeowners insurance first. Even if you don’t have your mortgage, it’s still a good idea to purchase homeowners insurance because this is the best way to secure your investment.

Every year, you must review your insurance coverage to see if it meets your specific needs.  You can do it through your homeowners insurance provider. Keep in mind that you can include other coverage to your existing insurance policy to increase your level of protection.

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Insurance Holiday Tips – How to Get More Savings on Your Insurance Premiums

With the current holidays, it’s wise to provide Florida residents some tricks to help them save more money on their premiums. People have unique conditions that need diverse levels of protection.  By knowing the very needs of each person, right guidelines are available to assist them. While you can look for an insurance expert; however, many people also want to do their own personal research.  So here are some recommended tips for you to take:

Create a game plan for insurance

Prior to shopping around, do some few things first.

1.  Often, the cheapest policy isn’t the best. Make a cautious research. With online information readily accessible, you will see nearly all things, specifically when doing a business with an insurance provider.  Look for their customer satisfaction rating and learn what their clients spoke about their claims procedure.

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Let Your Insurance Keep You Safe & Give You Great Holiday Celebrations

If you’re driving this Christmas and New Year, many things will need your full attention.  Accident can occur in just seconds and this really happens mostly during holidays.  For instance, there are many kids that run on the road who can be unnoticed. This can result to accidents—from turning sharply to avoid an abruptly visible child to hitting a walking pedestrian.  Fortunately, your insurance can guarantee that it’s not only your injuries that are covered, but also the damages done to the other party.

A good reason why holidays are especially important is the fact that more people are likely to travel during holidays—often to visit friends and family members. Based on the current data conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 92% of all travels during the holidays are obtained through personal cars.  It simply means that the largest number of people travelling on the road is seen during holidays. Christmas and New Year in particular, mark the most trafficked and most traveled holidays of the whole year.

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Preparing for Christmas Holiday? Get Some Security Tips from DMG Insurance

Despite the revelry, holiday season is also a time for criminals to do their jobs. Many homes are left without occupants and a thief can start to break-in and steal your belongings. This shouldn’t happen if you know how to take care of your home and possessions–even you’re on a vacation.

During Christmas, DMG Insurance and Financial Services is here to help you enjoy more of the holiday season with some few tips. We’ll help you take a few precautions to avoid theft, in the first place, and enjoy the spirit of Christmas without hassles.

Christmas security tips

  1. It’s obvious, but don’t leave your Christmas gifts on display beneath the Christmas tree for days on end. To prevent outsiders spot what Santa has left through your window, it’s best to lock away those goodies till the last hour.
  2. Anticipating a gift delivery? Be sure there’s a person in your home to get it or ask a neighbor to receive it on your behalf. Your neighbor can take care of the gift until you’re back from a vacation—instead of having it left at your door.
  3. If you’re hiding the biggest and most expensive gifts until Christmas day, safeguard them with full protection. For instance, make sure that your trailbike hidden in your shed is properly padlocked.

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Choose Homeowner’s Insurance Policy that Meets the Coverage You Need

In Florida, buying homeowner’s insurance requires you to be well-informed to make sure you get the right coverage you need.  There are many mortgage companies that buy insurance on behalf of their clients and then roll the insurance cost to mortgage fees.  If you are sure that your homeowner’s insurance meets your needs, then you have all the conveniences you get and you avoid buying another insurance policy in the future.

It is advisable that you analyze carefully your insurance for the right policy you need.  If not, you might be paying for a policy you can’t even benefit from.  Most policyholders understand only that they have their policy—but later on discovered that the coverage they expect is insufficient for their needs.

It’s important to know why people can’t deal well with their insurance policies when offered to them.  It’s a fact that various policies are not easy to understand, particularly when offered to a non-agent or non-lawyer person. In case like this, it’s the best idea to take the policy and consult it to a trusted agent.  Allow the agent to review your policy and give you honest explanations about what is stated on it.  Figure out if there’s something to expect in case of catastrophic occurrence which ruins your house resulting to a major damage.

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Thanksgiving Day Travel – How to Avoid Insurance Claims During The Holiday

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and by now many of you are either preparing your car for a Thanksgiving Day travel or thawing your turkey.  Thanksgiving holiday is a busy time for the insurance industry, too, because of the two major reasons: cooking fires and travel.  But, it doesn’t have to be like this.  Take time today to review your homeowners and auto insurance policies for you to be more prepared this holiday.

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