Knowing Your Insurance Needs – Car and Travel Insurance on Labor Day

Although it indicates that summer is about to end, Labor Day is a legal holiday which celebrates the economic and social success of American workers.  Without these workers, there would be no long history of dedicated and diligent managers, staff, employees, businessmen and entrepreneurs in US.

Prior to the celebration of the long weekend, now is the right time to take a look at the policies of your business insurance.  Make sure that they remain active to meet your needs and the needs of your workers.

Knowing your growing needs

It’s easy to get business insurance, pay the monthly premiums and not to have a second thought. But as your business progresses, so do your needs.

Here’s the list of the types of business insurance policies and the reasons why previous coverage may no longer fit your present needs:

1.  Commercial Auto Insurance. Are your employees starting to join meetings at off-site areas, like going to other company offices? Regardless of what business you have, start adding vehicles to be driven by employees.  It’s important not to overlook commercial auto insurance because it takes care of your workers and business.

nowing Your Insurance Needs - Car and Travel Insurance on Labor Day

2.  General Liability Insurance. At times, even a minor accident can cause a complicated lawsuit.  The possible risk will tell the right level of general liability insurance needed by your business. Such level of danger can vary and will need adjustments to your products, services, employees and business size.

3.  Commercial Property Insurance. This type of property insurance is vital as it covers more than just the building wherein your business is located. Buying new equipment or starting to add bigger number of inventory would require re-examining your business insurance.

4.  Commercial Umbrella. As time passes by, you need to evaluate again your policies.  It can be the right time to include a cheap commercial umbrella policy to further the level of your security. If risks seem to be getting higher, commercial umbrella insurance is very important.

5.  Business Income Insurance. For lots of small companies, their profits increase as their business continues to grow. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep insurance policies updated to reflect your income.

6.  Workers Compensation Insurance. For nearly a century now, the laws on workers compensation have been a securing factor of American workers, especially those who incurred injuries while working. This type of insurance is a sure protection to employees, helping them pay their medical costs and lost wages. You should have this appropriate coverage to secure your invaluable workers.

7.  Employment Practice Liability Insurance. Arguments and disputes are among the common reasons for lawsuits. As the company grows and your workforce also grows, you should add this type of insurance also. Before allowing resumes to fill a vacant position, make sure you’re covered with a larger protection.

Talk to the experts on Business Insurance

As Labor Day comes in, spend time checking out your business insurance policies.  Insurance providers have a team of professionals who specialize in answering difficult questions that concern your full protection.  The needs of your business will be assessed and providers will do their job within your budget.  You will get the best coverage that fits the needs of your business insurance.

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What Does It Take to Enjoy A Great Auto Insurance Policy in Florida?

The best answer to this question is to get the right money value for you and the top-notch customer service. Today, there are various selections of products on auto insurance that allow you to obtain the policy that meets your needs.  Primarily, these include the types of basic car insurance coverage.

Florida requirements

In Florida, it’s required that all drivers must have at least $10,000.00 dollars for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and another $10,000.00 dollars for coverage on property damage liability.

Basic Liability coverage

All drivers in Florida are required to legally own their auto insurance, at least with the basic coverage of property damage liability. In case of car accident—where you are at fault—car insurance covers the property of the other driver. Serious car accidents are expensive, so it’s necessary to consider extra coverage for this.  However, Florida does not call for bodily injury liability coverage.  It simply means that if you are the person at fault for an accident, and the other driver gains expenses for the accident-related medical cost, your auto insurance coverage will not cover it. In Florida, bodily injury liability insurance is very important, and that means you are covered even if “at-fault” accident occurs.

Personal Injury Protection

All drivers in Florida are lawfully required to buy PIP (Personal Injury Protection). It covers most of the medical costs, not only for you but also for your passengers.  It does not matter who is the one at fault, PIP also covers partially the lost wages and all incurred services such as lawn task, housekeeping, child car, etc.  Death benefit is also provided by PIP.

What does it take to enjoy a great auto insurance policy in Florida?

Comprehensive and collision coverage

By including this type of coverage, it will protect you in a smart manner.  It does cover the repair of property and the replacement cost after a collision or accident—and you can also include rental car coverage for this. Having a comprehensive coverage means having more benefits in terms of vandalism, theft, fire and other damages. You can always select a higher deductible to be able to reduce your regular premiums.

Uninsured motorist coverage

To know if you’re covered during an accident (in spite of the status of the other driver’s insurance), you have to include uninsured motorist coverage to your car insurance. The protection includes expensive medical costs and repairs caused by drivers without insurance, or if they lack the right coverage that covers damages.  Find an auto insurance provider that offers range of uninsured motorist coverage to meet your insurance needs.

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How to Prevent Car Stealing to Avoid High Premiums

There is a question that must not leave the minds of car owners: “What’s the best approach to secure my car against being stolen?”

Skilled thieves make their living out of car theft.  They can do this because they know the deception that you’re not aware of.  To eliminate this, take a few precautions to avoid becoming a victim of car theft.  Consider the following tips on how to prevent car stealing to avoid high premiums.

Layer your protection

By layering anti-theft devices, it creates a strong way of stopping car stealing.  If you have the right combination, you safeguard your car in various ways and eliminate the opportunities of having it stolen.

Add an alarm system

The sound of an alarm will definitely control the thief in his attempt to steal your car before he even succeeds in doing it.

Consider immobilization device

The use of immobilization device will put an additional protective layer.  It discourages the thief from hot-wiring your car.

Many car models have already the built-in hidden button which the driver pushes to get it started.

Likewise, smart keys contain an installed chip which keeps the car from starting if another key is used.

Prevent Car Stealing to Avoid High Premium

This is the best tip to find a stolen car.  The market offers a number of monitoring devices to use:

  1.  A passive system that looks like a black box carried by an airplane.   It stays there in the glove box and gets GPS details like trip time, speed and distance.
  2. Real-time tracking system that lets you track your car in real time using a mobile device.

With several products, disabling the car’s starter is possible.  This system alerts you when the car drives from where it is parked.

When installing an anti-theft tool, put a sticker or a notice anywhere in the car so the robbers can see it.

Use common sense

Discontinuing a bad habit has long-term benefits toward controlling car theft:

  1. Never leave your keys inside the car. Whether you hang them in the ignition or store them in glove box, you’re helping the thief get what he needs if he wants to steal your car.
  2. Lock the car doors. Make a habit of regularly locking your car door.  Before leaving the car, always double check to ensure your keys are in the proper place.
  3. Park in a properly-light space. Parking area without lights is the first thing thieves always look for.

Auto theft has the effect on the rates of car insurance—whether direct or indirect.  The rising incident of car stealing pushes the car insurance companies to raise premiums.

If you have filed a claim previously, chances are your premium will be higher if you renew your car insurance next time.

It’s worth the money and time finding ways to protect your car.

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Florida’s “No-Fault” Car Insurance

Florida is one of the twelve states which require all licensed car owners to carry “no-fault” car insurance coverage.  Since 1972, Florida no-fault law has undergone a reform, but lately it obligates that all drivers should carry no-fault insurance, together with a personal injury protection (PIP) plan.

Most drivers have the notion that no-fault insurance covers all costs resulting from road accident, but there’s no truth on that.  A car driver who causes the accident remains liable for compensation to someone who suffers death or physical injury.

no-fault car insurance

Laws and regulations on Florida’s no-fault car insurance

Let’s look at some of the main components of Florida’s auto insurance laws. You will learn about the types of car insurance and the amounts involved.  You will understand better how Florida’s status, as a no-fault state, can affect passengers, drivers, and pedestrians when there is an accident.

Florida is one of the states offering “no-fault” car insurance state

After a road accident, Florida allows a “no-fault” insurance in terms of paying auto insurance claims. Compared to other states considered as no-fault states, drivers are required to carry auto insurance which pays for the PIP benefits. When the insured person meets an accident, the personal injury protection benefits pay for the medical costs and other non-medical costs with relevance to the accident.  Other non-medical costs related to accident come from loss of income and cost of hiring a person to perform household chores (otherwise known as “replacement benefits”). In terms of claims in auto insurance, Florida follows a no-fault car insurance state.

All drivers in Florida should carry the least PIP benefits in their insurance policies. When there’s a collision along the way, every individual involved in the accident turns his own policy to pay the expenses for the medical care and related losses.  Such benefits take effect irrespective of who is at fault in the crash.  On the other hand, for the “at-fault” insurance state (also known as “fault” or “tort liability” state), drivers can have the choice whether to file claims with their insurance provider, file claims from the other driver’s insurance company, or bring the other driver to the court. Taking the driver to the court will prove that the driver is the one at fault and must be accountable to settle for the accident costs.

Florida’s “Injury Threshold”

Drivers in Florida can just go outside Florida’s no-fault system then follow a claim if such driver incurred permanent injuries caused by the accident. Claim is acceptable if permanent disfigurement or injuries occur, or if there’s loss of body function or body part.

Bodily Injury Liability (BIL)

Not like other states, Florida doesn’t require the drivers to have benefits on bodily injury liability (BIL) which pays for the expenses of other injuries resulting from an accident. All car insurance policies should be bought from an insurance company which is licensed to perform business in the state of Florida. It’s obviously unlawful to drive without car insurance in Florida and the driver can have his license suspended. To reinstate the license, the driver must have the insurance to pay the fine, up to $500 for each violation.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in Florida

Drivers in Florida aren’t required to purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage. During the time insurance policy is bought, this type of coverage is offered by the car insurance company; however, the buyer can discard the UIM coverage provided they decline in writing.  This coverage pays for the extra PIP benefits if the insured person is hit by someone who is not insured or doesn’t have sufficient insurance to cover medical bills–including other damages.

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How Teen Drivers Can Pay Less for Car Insurance?

Generally speaking, car insurance for young people is more costly than the car insurance for older people. Simply because teens are younger, without experience and still doing their job to learn about driving.  However, there are techniques how young drivers can obtain cheaper car insurance.

What’s the reason behind having higher rates for teens?

Based on statistics, teen drivers are more prone to car accidents, do traffic violations, get traffic tickets—as opposed to the older drivers. Most auto insurance providers consider these things when identifying the risks of insuring teen drivers.

Do male teens pay more?

The varying rates on car insurance are based primarily on statistics. Compared to female teens, male teens pay more for their car insurance premium.  For instance, male teens who are not more than 25 years old are likely to do the following:

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How Can You Find Cheap Car Insurance in Florida

State of Florida jurisdiction requires that it is compulsory for car owners to have their liability coverage. There are many car insurance providers that offer inexpensive car insurance policies and various coverage levels.

The initial action a car owner must do is to spend time shopping around, comparing different insurance rates and quotes provided by many insurance companies. When shopping for the best option, there are a couple of things to consider: affordability and the appropriate liability coverage needed. Liability coverage must comply with the protocol implemented and enforced by Florida state.  This has relevance to the least amount of coverage ($10,000 for personal injury; $10,000 for the Property Damage Liability ($10,000 each, per accident).

When it comes to insurance premium (insurance fee), payment relies on different factors:

  1.  your home location
  2.  the age of your car
  3.  your marital status
  4.  kind of vehicle
  5.  driving history

cheap car insurance

Furthermore, owners of high-performance cars tend to pay more premiums because they are most likely to have greater risk in car driving.   Based on the retail value, expensive vehicles carry more Property Damage Liability (PDL) premium.  This is so, because it’s costly to replace the parts of luxurious cars.

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Florida Insurance – How to Get Cheap Premiums for Auto Insurance

When it comes to auto insurance ranks, Florida ranks 5th among the most luxurious states in US. However, if you consider some factors for low costs of car insurance, you will most likely get your cheap car insurance.  Before you search for the cheap deal, keep in mind that Florida requires mandatory lowest levels of coverage like:

  •        PIP of $10,000 per accident and per individual
  •        PDL of $10,000 per accident and per individual
  •        BIL of $20,000 per accident

In addition to these requirements, you must take into account what is the exact situation. For example, if your car is old, you must have only collision coverage policy that settles for the repair of the damaged car as a result of collision.  Full-coverage involves comprehensive coverage, along with the collision coverage. Comprehensive coverage pays for the damaged cars which are repaired on the account of other circumstances, rather than collision. Your savings can go up to 50% for your car insurance policy.

Best Deal for Auto Insurance

Aside from that, if you have a new car, you have more chances of getting lower premiums to pay.  Current car models are digitally improved and are safer during traffic, as opposed to the older models.  And if your car is old, you can install it with the latest safety features and the results will be a cheaper premium.

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Factors That Drive Your Car Insurance Rates

Wondering what makes up the apparently magical number you pay for car insurance? The coverage amount for you and your car appears like an arbitrary number, yet there are factors that each business uses in determining the insurance premium.

With all the factors that affect the insurance premium, you should be aware about the things to expect when purchasing your next brand new car.  Buying red sports car can’t just upsurge the heads you turn while driving down the block. Conversely, some companies provide a low discount mileage to customers who drive in short distances.

Here are a few factors that companies can consider when assessing and pricing car insurance policy.  Several items might even astonish you:

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Top 5 Insurance Policies Each Person Should Buy

In terms of purchasing insurance, there are different options available on the market that you might be interested in. Getting covered in insurance is very important; however, the coverage you have may also be too much for you.  Excessive insurance payment takes money away from the other areas in your life like retirement savings and emergency funds.

When we speak about insurance, there are 5 most common types of insurance everyone must take. These are the following:

Health Insurance

Health insurance is undoubtedly the top among the different types of insurance. Always consider the following essential factors when looking for health insurance.

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Best Car Insurance Rate – How To Find It In Florida?

It’s not difficult to get the best car insurance rate in Florida. It’s only a matter of knowing the things to do and the essential steps to take to save more money. The entire procedure begins with two important aspects: the type of vehicle you’re going to drive and the way how you will drive your vehicle.

Bear in mind that cars differ from each other in terms of the premium you pay. Some vehicles are more expensive to insure compared to other types of vehicles.  For instance, there are cars which are more expensive to work on and some are more frequently stolen than others. Regardless of the kind of car you have, discuss this thing to your agent to know what car is inexpensive to insure.

The next aspect is “you.” How often do you drive? Do you do it legally and with caution most of the time? If you get speeding tickets and moving violations, then it will be hard for you to get the best car insurance rate in Florida.

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Thanksgiving Day Travel – How to Avoid Insurance Claims During The Holiday

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and by now many of you are either preparing your car for a Thanksgiving Day travel or thawing your turkey.  Thanksgiving holiday is a busy time for the insurance industry, too, because of the two major reasons: cooking fires and travel.  But, it doesn’t have to be like this.  Take time today to review your homeowners and auto insurance policies for you to be more prepared this holiday.

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