Insurance Holiday Tips – How to Get More Savings on Your Insurance Premiums

With the current holidays, it’s wise to provide Florida residents some tricks to help them save more money on their premiums. People have unique conditions that need diverse levels of protection.  By knowing the very needs of each person, right guidelines are available to assist them. While you can look for an insurance expert; however, many people also want to do their own personal research.  So here are some recommended tips for you to take:

Create a game plan for insurance

Prior to shopping around, do some few things first.

1.  Often, the cheapest policy isn’t the best. Make a cautious research. With online information readily accessible, you will see nearly all things, specifically when doing a business with an insurance provider.  Look for their customer satisfaction rating and learn what their clients spoke about their claims procedure.

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Let Your Insurance Keep You Safe & Give You Great Holiday Celebrations

If you’re driving this Christmas and New Year, many things will need your full attention.  Accident can occur in just seconds and this really happens mostly during holidays.  For instance, there are many kids that run on the road who can be unnoticed. This can result to accidents—from turning sharply to avoid an abruptly visible child to hitting a walking pedestrian.  Fortunately, your insurance can guarantee that it’s not only your injuries that are covered, but also the damages done to the other party.

A good reason why holidays are especially important is the fact that more people are likely to travel during holidays—often to visit friends and family members. Based on the current data conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 92% of all travels during the holidays are obtained through personal cars.  It simply means that the largest number of people travelling on the road is seen during holidays. Christmas and New Year in particular, mark the most trafficked and most traveled holidays of the whole year.

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Florida Gets The Third Highest Rate of Uninsured Drivers

The latest study done by WalletHub has made a population comparison of the uninsured drivers among all the fifty states in US.  The result revealed that state of Florida got the third highest rate of uninsured drivers all over US. Florida came in about 16.5% of uninsured rate.  Alaska surpassed Florida with 17.2% and Texas with whooping 19.1%.  The findings of WalletHub also showed that South Florida, in particular, had the rate of approximately 19% uninsured drivers.

What should be learned from this study?

How does uninsured motorist coverage of your car insurance policy start to take effect? It happens if you and your passengers got injured due to collision done by a driver without bodily injury liability insurance coverage, or if the driver has no sufficient amount of bodily injury liability coverage.  If there’s no uninsured motorist coverage, you may become personally accountable for all the expenses and hospital bills.

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Auto Insurance Policy – Selecting The Right Type of Coverage You Need

Because there are different coverage options in an auto insurance policy, the provided security relies mainly on the things it covers. What, who and how things are covered will all depend on the type of coverage you get. Your security relies on the differences and combinations between policies.

To make sure you’ve got the right protection in your auto insurance, you must know the different types of coverage included in your policy.  Many people consider the full-coverage option as the best choice. But this can be a tricky term and can be applied by agents to present a not-so-clear coverage.

What you need is a clearer term that corresponds to the special type of auto coverage.  The moment you understand it, you become more decisive in selecting your auto insurance policy.

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Are You Fully Covered? Things to Know about Florida’s Uninsured Motorist Insurance

If you have heard this once, then others may have heard it a hundred times: “I’m fully covered.”  Being fully covered has various meanings to different people.  In cases like automobile collision that results to personal injury, your coverage is not complete, provided you have uninsured motorist coverage.

In Florida State (on the subject of personal injury claims), drivers are only allowed to carry no-fault insurance or Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Personal Injury Protection is a type of insurance coverage supplied by your insurance provider.  It is designed to pay for any lost wages (for few cases) and your own medical costs.

The law in Florida requires coverage that amounts to $10,000 dollars. It simply means, you can drive your car down the road and if a third-party driver hits your own car (causing you some bodily injuries), then you come up with medical bills and permanent injuries in excess of $100,000. Florida is required by law to have all drivers the right coverage from their insurance provider—to pay for the medical cost up to $10,000 (irrespective of who is at fault).

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Car Insurance: How to handle things after a car accident

Car and road accidents are traumatic experiences resulting to many questions.  Is it secured to drive home? Do I need a policeman? Should I move my car? There are lots of significant choices to make immediately after encountering car accident.  Here are a few tips worth considering:

Always be on guard

Regardless of your good skills in driving, car accidents are inevitable. To lessen the burden, you can get the aftermath less stressful by having all the essential papers at hand. It means keeping your car insurance and registration available all the time.  Be sure that you’ve got the best coverage as well to get claims suitable for your needs. It’s always smart to determine the type of car insurance you will be paying for.

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Important Business Insurance that Manages Risks

Does your business have the proper business coverage insurance?  Think about what will happen if one of your employees has damaged accidentally a customer’s equipment.

Operating a business has all the possible risks.  Each company should have the right insurance to secure its assets if someone makes a claim or if there are damaged properties.  Many companies in Florida get sued each day because of accidents they cause.  It is important to ensure that your company is covered by essential business insurance.

General Liability Insurance

Commercial or general liability insurance protects your business against claims of property damage, bodily injury and related medical costs. Most general liability policies cover slander or libel claims as well as a published report, document or advertisement that damaged a particular business or person.

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Auto Insurance in Florida – 8 Important Things to Know about Your Coverage


Auto Insurance in Florida - 8 Important Things to Know about Your Coverage

Shopping for your auto insurance in Florida can be complicated and confusing, but if you do your job you make it less difficult.  Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, it’s essential to have enough protection.  Liability coverage protects you and your assets in case you’re at-fault in an accident resulting to damages of another driver’s property or bodily injury.  Remember the tips bellow when determining the cost of liability coverage to maintain your auto policy in Florida.

What to know about your auto insurance in Florida?

1.   It’s a must to have it. If you are a driver in Florida, you’re required to get your liability insurance.  You are going to lose your privileges in driving if you are caught driving without it.  It means you’re not supposed to leave the driveway if you haven’t obtained this essential coverage.  And if you’re not covered, you’re only exposing yourself to some serious risks, liability and even violating the law.

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The Role of Accidents in Affecting Your Premium on Auto Insurance

Role of Accidents in Affecting Your Premium on Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a common type of insurance but it’s one of the most frequently misunderstood lines of insurance.

It covers the property or medical bills of the opposite party, in case a person is found at fault in an accident.  If there’s no coverage like this, anyone can experience life-changing amounts of liability in a flash.  This coverage is automatic by having a policy in auto insurance.

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Florida Auto Insurance: Things to Know When Choosing Auto Insurance

Florida Auto Insurance: Things to Know When Choosing Auto Insurance

While people may enjoy shopping, looking for a Florida car insurance may not be as simple as they perceive it. The process can be more stressful and time-wasting. Therefore, if you’re trying to overcome a wrong decision, plan carefully what to do to come up with a wise decision ahead of time. 

Things to know when choosing auto insurance

  1. Insurance agents can be burdensome at times so you must be ready to know what you need. Stick to it to avoid unnecessary extra charges. Doing it is simple: simply consider your car—its model and year, as well as your driving skills.  Come to think of it: Is there any benefit in buying a costly policy for a 15-year-old car you can only drive within your vicinity?
  2. Once you have clearly settled the kind of car insurance you need, then go to the next—the services that fit your needs.  They may not be essential and can even cause you a few more dollars. But conveniently, right services will give you comfort because you know you’ve got the right services.

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No-Fault Car Insurance Laws in Florida

No-Fault Car Insurance Laws in Florida

Florida, together with other 11 US states, observes the laws on “no-fault” car insurance.  It simply means that when car accidents cause slight injuries, the injured party can ask for compensation from the insurance company. This can be done instead of presenting a court case against the negligent party believed to be at fault in the incident.  When the injury damages go above the required amount, a case can be filed against the other party who is involved in the car accident. However, for minor injuries, it means bringing the issue to the insurance company and seeking for a certain claim.

Within the court, it means working with a lawyer of the insurance company during the compensation hearings.  It’s important to handle the case with a legal representative of your own. Since the car insurance company will offer help using an expert person who’s trained in laws of car accident and insurance, you will also look for similar assistance, instead of facing the case alone.

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