Vital Factors that Have Impact on Your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy Discounts & Details

Your home insurance provider uses different factors in identifying the right amount of premium you need to pay. The greater details you can give to them, the better way the insurance company can customize your premium as a good fit for your home’s needs.

When accomplishing a homeowners’ insurance application form, there are things that may cause you to think about something.  You might wonder, “Why does the insurance provider ask for this information?”  There are questions they ask that you may think not related or unimportant to you.  However, your answers to their questions can influence the insurance premium that will be charged to you by Florida homeowners’ insurance provider.  Your answers will be the determining factors whether the insurance company will approve your insurance application or not.

What is the shape of your roof and its type?

Roof has a great impact on your homeowners’ insurance premium.  Although roofs provide safety for the home, various roof shapes aren’t created equal.  Homes in Florida have three popular roof shape types: gable, flat and hip.  All these types have their individual distinct level of performance, especially during a storm.

Vital Factors that Have Impact on Your Insurance Policy Discounts & Details

1.  Gable roofs – these roofs are not costly to install and they are easier to build.  Gable roofs are also very common among Florida homes.  The shape is triangular gable end and is vulnerable to get damaged by hurricane winds if not appropriately supported.

2.  Flat roofs – these roofs are related with the commercial structures and you can find them among residential homes as well. Flat roofs have a pounding taken from a strong weather.  The water from the rain tends to pool in the structures; therefore, they seldom last unless it is a sloped roof.

3.  Hip roofs – these roofs are work-intensive and more complex, yet they are stronger and more wind-resistance during a storm.  They slope on the four sides to create a pyramid-shaped roof, letting the wind to quickly penetrate the roof resulting to some damages.  Many homeowners’ insurance providers in Florida give discounts for homes with hip roofs.

Do you live near the fire station?

While the closest fire department is less than one mile away from where you live, many insurance providers purposely ask about the nearness of fire hydrant to your home. If it is less than 1000 feet, you get more benefits during the fire incident and will lower your insurance premium as well.

What materials your house is made of?  Are they masonry or frame materials?

This is all about the house construction. Homes considered as masonry are made up of bricks or blocks.  On the other hand, frame homes are made of light metal or wood.  Knowing the construction information of your home is very important. Generally, masonry homes have cheaper premium and are more durable and stable compared to wood frame houses.

Do you have home pets, too?

While dog is considered a part of the family, many homeowners’ insurers consider dogs as something risky. Every year, around 5 million people become dog victims because they are bitten by their pets resulting to sensible medical expenses.  If your dog pet has bitten someone, dog liability can settle the litigation process as well as the medical expenses.  But there are some restrictions on other breed, that’s why it is important to find clarification from your insurance agent.

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