Let Your Insurance Keep You Safe & Give You Great Holiday Celebrations

If you’re driving this Christmas and New Year, many things will need your full attention.  Accident can occur in just seconds and this really happens mostly during holidays.  For instance, there are many kids that run on the road who can be unnoticed. This can result to accidents—from turning sharply to avoid an abruptly visible child to hitting a walking pedestrian.  Fortunately, your insurance can guarantee that it’s not only your injuries that are covered, but also the damages done to the other party.

A good reason why holidays are especially important is the fact that more people are likely to travel during holidays—often to visit friends and family members. Based on the current data conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 92% of all travels during the holidays are obtained through personal cars.  It simply means that the largest number of people travelling on the road is seen during holidays. Christmas and New Year in particular, mark the most trafficked and most traveled holidays of the whole year.

Because of travel bulk during holidays, having car insurance is very important.  However, holidays encounter another factor that gives more difficulty—and it’s in drinking.  Vehicle drivers are not supposed to combine alcohol and driving together, but drivers’ behaviors are not controllable. Nearly 47% of all road accidents during Christmas and New Year holidays are related to alcohol drinking.  That makes holidays the deadliest holidays to experience on roads.

A portion of this increased risk is due to the heavy traffic on the road. However, part of the threat is attributed to holiday traditions such food and drinking, including insufficient sleep and late nights.  Your car insurance will help reduce the consequences that can happen while you’re inside your car.  Your insurance will also provide assistance in paying your medical costs or incurred damages.

By nature, driving during holidays means your presence is on the road.  Therefore, even a minor accident will end up with a big problem in your plans for the holidays—that is if you’re not insured.  Car insurance providers can ensure that your whole family can drive with protection during the holiday season.

How homeowner’s insurance keeps you safe on holidays?

Home is always the right place to feel secured.  It seems like no evil things can take place between your walls.  These holidays, people spruce up their house making it impressive for family and friends to stay in. The reason is only simple: we love our family and friends so we want them to get impressed and let them feel they’re most welcome.

Holidays can cause behaviors that we might not want to engage in.  Many cases, homeowners don’t want to go up to see their roofs, especially during winter.  But, people climb up when decorating their house with Christmas lights and decors.  Depending on the outdoor conditions, going up and down can be very risky and might even cause slip and fall.

Holiday-light related injuries can result from these possible activities:

1.      hanging Christmas lights

2.      incorrect climbing equipment

3.      slipping off from the icy roof

4.      falling off a long ladder

5.      lack of safety measures when using electronic components

Taking alcohol while performing the above tasks will also increase the hazards of getting injured. With suitable homeowners insurance, you get yourself protection from the expensive cost as a result of injuries.  Claims in insurance depend on the depth of insurance coverage.  But certainly, this is the only way your homeowner’s insurance can cushion your finances against Christmas disaster.  Another common danger during holiday is fire.  Any unexpected fire can totally destroy your home this holiday—and it hurts!

Protect your home against fire

During the peak of holidays, fire can suddenly strike through a side-effect of cooking or side-effect of using electricity and electronics.  During the holiday, grease and fats can often cause unwelcome combustion.  Once fire in kitchen continues, it’s not easy to put it off anymore.

Another most common cause of fire during Christmas is the Christmas light and tree.  Your overly-lit Christmas tree can make a harmful holiday. Often, US fire departments would respond to countless home fires because of lighted Christmas trees.

To get more information about safety tips during holiday season in Florida, please contact us at DMG Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. (http://www.dmginsurance.com) at 543 N State Road 7, STE 106, Royal Palm Beach EL, 33411, phone 561 422 7071, Fax 561 422 7072.

Let Your Insurance Keep You Safe & Give You Great Holiday Celebrations

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