Thanksgiving Day Travel – How to Avoid Insurance Claims During The Holiday

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and by now many of you are either preparing your car for a Thanksgiving Day travel or thawing your turkey.  Thanksgiving holiday is a busy time for the insurance industry, too, because of the two major reasons: cooking fires and travel.  But, it doesn’t have to be like this.  Take time today to review your homeowners and auto insurance policies for you to be more prepared this holiday.

Robberies, water claims including home fires are the common hazards that will dampen the Thanksgiving Day and any other holiday.  Luckily, there are important steps that you can take to prevent calamities and totally enjoy a claim-free Thanksgiving Day holiday season.

The estimates of 43.5 million Americans are going to travel 55 miles and more for a Thanksgiving plane, car and other related means.  It’s vital to take some minutes before car is loaded up to avoid the holiday’s common claims.

Don’t give criminals the alert to know about your plans in travelling by posting on social media about your departure time.  Consider how good your trip was after returning home.  The most important safety tips in driving are to buckle up, avoid drinking before driving and prevent distractions by all types.  Since there are many people seen on the road, driving in different territories will likely increase the traffic crash.

People inside their home can consider candles, cooking, washers and dryers to give the top notch culprits for home fires.  So do fry your turkey outside the house because fires can probably ruin many neighboring homes. There are less than a thousand homes with an estimated damage of $15 million in yearly property ruins because of fire. Don’t leave candles unattended near your pets and kids.

How to enjoy your Thanksgiving Day without claims?

  1. Don’t leave the house with appliances on.  Never leave dish washer, dryer, and washing machine on if you’ll be away from home.  A minor hose can break and fire can spark if there’s no person inside the house to turn off the appliances.
  2. Turn off water to your hoses. A hose that breaks will help prevent flood if you turn the water to your washing machine.
  3. Always set alarms.  Before you leave your home, you have to set properly your robber alarm.
  4. Close and lock all doors and windows. Don’t leave any of them open.  Invest a little amount for the deadbolt lock.
  5. Never tempt intruders.  Don’t dare post your plan for a vacation through Twitter and Facebook.  Remember that burglars can stealthily track social media to find out who is inside the home and who is not.
  6. Wrap your pipes. Wrap around your outer pipes with towels, foam or duct tape during the cold weather.  Don’t turn off heater completely if you are not at home.
  7. Secure your important documents.  Put your most vital documents inside a secured deposit box or inside a fire-proof safe.

By following the above tips you can minimize the chances of filing a claim this Thanksgiving Day or any holiday season.  It means avoiding the possible troubles and experiencing a stress-free time.  Without any insurance claims during Thanksgiving holiday, you will enjoy the holiday with friends and family members.

To get more information about how to avoid insurance claims during Thanksgiving, please contact us at DMG Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. ( at 543 N State Road 7, STE 106, Royal Palm Beach EL, 33411, phone 561 422 7071, Fax 561 422 7072.

Thanksgiving Day Travel – How to Avoid Insurance Claims During The Holiday

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