Savings on Wind Mitigation Inspection – How Does It Happen

If your place is in coastal state, most likely you have already heard about Mitigation Insurance.  And if you’re a resident of Florida, particularly in peninsular state spreading out through Gulf or Atlantic (with hurricanes and tropical storms), then you’d be familiar with its weather condition.

In addition to the benefits you can get from Mitigation Insurance, you might want to consider the big savings that can be earned from a home inspection during the nature’s fury.

There are lots of property owners who assess their properties through a wind mitigation inspection. This type of inspection focuses on the assessment of the preparedness of  homes and properties to be able to resist the dangers of windstorm loss and damages.

In the state of Florida, wind inspection is not required by mortgage lenders and insurance providers.  This is only optional, unlike the other 4-point home inspection which is allowed because it focuses on the assessment of vital areas of a property:  electrical, plumbing, HVAC and the roofing.

Why is it necessary to have an additional home inspection after all?

The answer to this question is savings.  It’s right, you can save more money  through the wind mitigation insurance. You’ll find a functional inspection that results to some cost-discounts on your insurance premium.

See how it works

After the strong storm season that resulted to the all-out battery in US, many insurance providers experienced bankruptcy because of damage costs and increasing claims.  Many officials in Louisiana and Florida got strong hits by powerful storms and this phenomenon has seen mass departure of insurance companies—leaving lots of homeowners frustrated.   Insurance companies understood that they should help property owners by giving them their needs.

The resolution made was to incentivize wind mitigation inspection as a way of protecting properties. This was true, especially in targeted areas where insurance companies can increase their odds in insuring more protection (with less damage-susceptible homes).

In 2006, it was Florida which started the first state in the country to oblige insurance providers to provide a significant decrease in the insurance costs.  It’s done by seeking mitigation inspection certified by a professional inspector. Normally, the inspector could be a board-certified person, an engineer or an architect.  After Florida, it was followed by different coastal states like Louisiana.

Inspection report in Florida

Mitigation inspection is based primarily on your home’s features.  With the inspector’s services, he will evaluate the features of a business or a home for wind-mitigation.  The inspector will suggest possible repairs and improvements to make the property stronger enough to resist the windstorm damage.

A Florida-standard inspection report will be submitted to the insurance company. This report will declare the property’s strength to tolerate the storm’s effects, then a considerable discount is applied. In Florida, 30% is the normal discount to get which provides property owners some hundreds to more than a thousand savings from their premium.

Safety features that inspectors work on

Each state varies on the safety features that inspectors work on.  Here’s an example of the eight categories inspectors look for in the state of Florida:

  1.  Roof covering
  2.  Roof deck attachment
  3.  Roof to wall attachment
  4.  Roof geometry
  5.  Gable end bracing
  6.  Type of wall construction
  7.  Secondary water barrier
  8. Opening protection

In the long run, it will be the homeowner’s choice whether to take this investment in wind mitigation inspection or not. The possible savings that can be earned every year will be more important than the cost. Therefore, if your home is located in a coastal area, taking or avoiding this wind mitigation inspection is more of your personal discretion.

To get additional information about Wind Mitigation Insurance in Florida, please contact us at DMG Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. ( at 543 N State Road 7, STE 106, Royal Palm Beach EL, 33411, phone 561 422 7071, Fax 561 422 7072.
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