Car Insurance: How to handle things after a car accident

Car and road accidents are traumatic experiences resulting to many questions.  Is it secured to drive home? Do I need a policeman? Should I move my car? There are lots of significant choices to make immediately after encountering car accident.  Here are a few tips worth considering:

Always be on guard

Regardless of your good skills in driving, car accidents are inevitable. To lessen the burden, you can get the aftermath less stressful by having all the essential papers at hand. It means keeping your car insurance and registration available all the time.  Be sure that you’ve got the best coverage as well to get claims suitable for your needs. It’s always smart to determine the type of car insurance you will be paying for.

Consider a health check

Immediately after collision, the first thing to do is to perform a health check. Find out if everyone in the car is just okay. Call up 911 right away if someone is unconscious, bleeding or shocked with this experience.  Do something for the well-being of everyone aboard.

Move to get security

Moving to a safer place is crucial after accident.  Both you and the persons riding in the car can move somewhere else to avoid further road risks.  If your car got a minor damage, you can transfer it to the sidewalk of the road.  Nevertheless, if there are bodily injuries or have problems about driving issues, stay where the accident happened—although the cost of it leads to heavy traffic.

Issues about whose fault it is should be investigated, leaving your car as it is. Unavoidably, no driver wants to be the source of severe congestion in the middle of the road, but evidences are important, so allow the police to do his job. While waiting for the right police, use signs and flares to let other cars know you have stopped.  Get out of the traffic as much as you can.

Call a police and your insurance

Although car damage can only be minor, the presence of a police is helpful in making a report. Call up your insurance company including your agent to be there on the scene. Accordingly, they can assist you promptly for the insurance claim which saves you from all the hassles for the following days after the accident.  Your agent can also be the right person to help you tow your car for an immediate repair.

Avoid having unhealthy discussion about who’s at fault when reviewing the facts and evidences with the other driver.  Talk to your attorney and to the police regarding the accident details.  You should not even sign any promise or statements to settle the damages without the consent and knowledge of your lawyer.

Exchange your information

Right after the report filing, exchange insurance and contact details with the other driver before leaving.  Here are the required details to take note:

  1. Complete name
  2. Contact numbers
  3. Car plate number
  4. Car insurance provider
  5. Model type and color of the car
  6. Place of accident
  7. Complete information of the witnesses

The effect of car accident lasts for weeks or more.  However, having the suitable insurance coverage will make things a lot easier.

To learn more about car accident and car insurance in Florida, please contact us at DMG Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. ( at 543 N State Road 7, STE 106, Royal Palm Beach EL, 33411, phone 561 422 7071, Fax 561 422 7072.

DMG Insurance and Financial Services

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