Florida Tops Among Other States on Lightning Insurance Claims

Florida Tops among Other States on Lightning Insurance Claims

Compared to other states, Florida has more occurrences of lightning strikes making it top among other states with the most number of lightning insurance claims.

Based on the current statistics of the Insurance Information Institute, Florida became the leading state in 2014 in terms of lightning claims. It reached more than the unanticipated 10,000 claims.  It followed by the states of Georgia, Texas and Louisiana respectively.

In Florida, the cost average of each claim surpassed $7,000 with a total value of more than seventy-three ($73) million dollars.

Florida Homes and Lightning Damage

What people believe in is that lightning strikes rarely happen; however, there’s no truth about it in Central Florida.  When it comes to the most lightning-prone location of the country, Central Florida always strikes houses leaving huge damages on properties.  If this happens, property insurance covers such damages. However, insurance providers don’t normally do it accordingly.

Lightning will potentially cause a large range of damage, harm and loss.  Once it strikes, something is burned and the bad effect can range from a normal char to furious fire that destroys the whole house.  Due to this damage, a home becomes uninhabitable in any way.

Lightning is not only limited to cause house destructions. If it hits the neighbor’s tree, it can bring fire on it spreading to the nearby house and destroying the property.  Similarly, lightning can hit a power line or penetrate into your home then bring damage on your interior electrical system.

As expected, lightning goes with strong storms resulting to more damages.  While burns and damages are caused by lightning, a forceful storm can cause heavy winds and pervasive flood.

Florida Tops among Other States on Lightning Insurance Claims

Filing lightning damage claims

Once your property is hit by lightning, immediately document the result of damages. Take pictures of them and specify the damages you spot.  Lightning is a very common”named peril” identified in property insurance.  A named peril refers to anything the insurance property policy particularly covers.

As stipulated on the insurance, policy must cover any damage which comes from lightning and other electrical and fire damages. Following your claim, it’s part of the insurance provider to examine the problem.

Your insurance attorney can help file a claim on your behalf then assist you on everything to the insurer as well as negotiate for possible settlement.  Without advice, you are not supposed to sign any documents given by your insurance provider.

Florida Tops among Other States on Lightning Insurance Claims

Undervaluation or denial of damage claims

Your insurance company can opt to deny your claim.  They may say that several circumstances do not include coverage under your insurance policy.  Worse, they can even claim that you’re the one who sparked the fire that caused the damage.

Furthermore, your insurance company can provide a settlement with underestimated value of damages. For instance, they claim there’s no need to rewire the whole house although it’s the instruction of an expert electrician.

To learn more about Florida Lightning Insurance, please contact us at DMG Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. (http://www.dmginsurance.com) at 543 N state Road 7, STE 106, Royal Palm Beach EL, 33411, phone 561 422 7071, Fax 561 422 7072.

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