No-Fault Car Insurance Laws in Florida

No-Fault Car Insurance Laws in Florida

Florida, together with other 11 US states, observes the laws on “no-fault” car insurance.  It simply means that when car accidents cause slight injuries, the injured party can ask for compensation from the insurance company. This can be done instead of presenting a court case against the negligent party believed to be at fault in the incident.  When the injury damages go above the required amount, a case can be filed against the other party who is involved in the car accident. However, for minor injuries, it means bringing the issue to the insurance company and seeking for a certain claim.

Within the court, it means working with a lawyer of the insurance company during the compensation hearings.  It’s important to handle the case with a legal representative of your own. Since the car insurance company will offer help using an expert person who’s trained in laws of car accident and insurance, you will also look for similar assistance, instead of facing the case alone.

No-Fault Car Insurance Laws in Florida

No-fault car insurance

This type of insurance policy differs from the other types of insurance because nobody is at fault during the accident.  Rather than trying to find out which party is at fault, the insurance company will just pay for the incurred loss.  The insurer will pay for the damages while the other party’s insurance company will pay for the loss.  The process is easy to do because sorting out facts can be done the simple way.

With no-fault car insurance, companies vary in coverage, in case there is injury when the accident happened.  Although the policy of an insurance company covers almost everything on damages, another insurer may only cover part of it with maximum amount.  This is the reason why it’s necessary to consider with caution any policy you want to buy and consider what claims to get from minor injuries.

Less court case

A good advantage of Florida’s no-fault car insurance is the fact that it prevents needless litigation. Although in extreme circumstances lawsuits can arise, most of them are eliminated.  It does not mean that if someone has done you wrong, you can file a case against that person with their insurance provider.  The insurance company pays for the damages including the essential medical treatment.

No-Fault Car Insurance Laws in Florida

Florida and no-fault car insurance

No-fault car insurance laws in Florida handle injuries that arise from accident only, including other damages sustained by your car.  Damages will be recovered by the negligent party’s liability insurance.  It means that when you walk away from an accident, it will be all right after the physical check up from the doctor. However, if your car has been damaged, you may want to file a liability claim to compensate the damages sustained by your car, rather than filing a personal injury claim with your own car insurance provider.

The easy and comfortable part of no-fault insurance laws is the quickness of settlement and the payment, including other things which are recovered.  While the laws on no-fault car insurance don’t cover compensation on pain, mental illness, suffering or loss of ability, they permit an individual to get the medical cost and loss of wages without disputes — determining the fault occurred during the accident.

Obtaining no-fault car insurance

You can just visit a no-fault insurance company in Florida and ask for an application form.  After filling out the form, your car will be inspected.  Then, the insurance company will decide if your car can be insured or not.

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