Securing Your Business Assets through Florida Commercial Property Insurance

Securing Your Business Asset through Florida Commercial Property Insurance

Most Florida insurance offers protective coverage on business commercial property. Having Florida commercial property insurance will protect any type of business operation you have—from the slight liability claim to the huge financial disaster.

Consider these situations:

1. a storm or hurricane destroying your building’s exterior or external sign
2. a fire ruining your workplace and warehouse including all things inside
3. a burst of water pipe fully harming your files, documents, computer systems and drawings

What does a business commercial property policy cover?

This type of insurance is the perfect investment to ensure your business’ future condition. Take a look at the important components of your company which are secured by commercial property insurance policy:

1. your structure and building
2. your stocks, materials and inventories
3. your landscaping and fence
4. your outdoor sign
5. plus other vital properties

Most insurance companies acknowledge that your business is typically unique and it constantly evolves. You can tailor your Florida commercial property policy based on your requirements and necessities.
Commercial Property

Florida commercial property provides a huge selection of equipment, buildings, tools and others commercial properties. Losses from break-ins, fire, wind, vandalism plus other man-made and natural disasters are instances typically covered by commercial property insurance.

Securing Your Business Asset through Florida Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance & Insuring Buildings

Do you have a building of your own? If you do, then you must have sufficient commercial property insurance to be able to cover the replacement costs. It is strongly advised that the engagement of a third party appraiser is available to know the existing replacement cost of the building.

Flood Insurance

Many policies in commercial property insurance ignore flood as one of the covered causes of loss. A new policy can be bought to bring protection from possible damages. Take a look at your insurance policy to confirm whether you’re covered or not. In case of doubt, you may ask assistance from your insurance provider to review your coverage for immediate solution.

Business Personal Property Insurance

This insurance covers particular properties like furnishings, machines, fixtures and inventories. Be cautious enough because majority of commercial property plans have limited coverage on property. For instance, if you have a machine that is always taken off to different places, then it’s vital to get an inland marine coverage (equipment/installation floater).

EDP – Electronic Data Processing Insurance

This type of coverage is your separate property coverage purposely to give protection to your computer-associated equipment. Most policies have only limited coverage for the business computer network. This EDP widens the causes of losses which include things such as power surges as well as virus infections and attacks.
Business Interruption Coverage (Business Income).

Securing Your Business Asset through Florida Commercial Property Insurance

This insurance reimburses the owner of the business for fixed expenses and lost income when the business closes. For instance, it’s applicable while buildings are being repaired because of damages from fire. Business income insurance also covers financial losses which happen if the civil authorities limit the access of the customers to your district or business after a catastrophe. It is highly recommended that every kind of business must have this business interruption coverage.

To learn more about the required Florida Commercial Property Insurance, please contact us at DMG Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. ( at 543 N state Road 7, STE 106, Royal Palm Beach EL, 33411, phone 561 422 7071, Fax 561 422 7072.

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