State of Florida: Ranks 5th among the Most-Expensive States to Insure a New Car in 2015

State of Florida: Ranks 5th among the Most-Expensive States to Insure a New Car In 2015

Drivers in the State of Florida who try to get their car insurance will be paying $1,742.00 on average, or nearly 33% greater than the national average. This is in accordance with the current study done by on car insurance rates among the different states in the US.

This ranks the Sunshine State from the 5 most-expensive states on new cars that need to be insured. Drivers in Ohio, Idaho and Maine will pay third, less than the car insurance in the national average. By far, motorists from Michigan will pay the most rates in car insurance.

The comparison in car insurance website made a rate survey from the 6 big carriers among the different zip codes in all fifty states. Washington, D.C., has the average rate among the leading twenty best-selling cars across the nation. The car models spearheaded by Ford F series pick-up, denoted USA’s 40% in 2014 new car market.

Penny Gusner, consumer analyst of said that the car that you’re driving, obviously, matters most; nevertheless, the place where you’re staying matters even more.

State of Florida: Ranks 5th among the Most-Expensive States to Insure a New Car In 2015

For instance, Toyota Camry LE (2014 best-selling car) had the average of $1,363.00 to insure nationwide for driver – a homeowner aged 40 years old with good records.

However, such same driver in Maine is going to pay as small as $843.00, and in Michigan, payment is as big as $2,662.00. What accounts for the remarkable difference from one state to another, even for a similar car with the same driver?

Well, according to Gusner, the huge differences are created by the governing laws. Every state in the US has its individual laws. Some of these laws result from having more frequent and greater claims in car insurance.

Another factor which influences the car insurance rate differences is the higher rate of car stealing, extensive fraud and bigger focus of car drivers on the urban locations. These will also affect the car insurance rates, not only from one state to another but also from one zip code to another.

Five least-expensive states

Here are the 5 least-expensive states which have the average ranking cost for 2015 insurance edition. They come from the leading 20 best-selling cars. Let’s see how they are compared with the national average.

1. Maine – $805.00, 39% less compared with the $ 1,311.00 national average
2. Ohio – $843.00, 36% less
3. Idaho – $877.00, 33% less
4. Iowa – $886.00, 32% less
5. New Hampshire – $905.00, 31% less

State of Florida: Ranks 5th among the Most-Expensive States to Insure a New Car In 2015

Five leading most-expensive states

On the other hand, here are the 5 leading most-expensive states on car insurance rates. See how they differ with the national average:

47. Florida – $1,742.00, 33% more compared to the national average
48. Louisiana – $1,774.00, 35% more
49. District of Columbia – $1,799.00, 37% more
50. Montana – $1,886.00, 44% more
51. Michigan – $2,476.00, 89% more

Now you see how different states in US have the rate differences with the car insurance at
Gusner noted that your car and your record of driving are similar regardless of where you live. She also noted that if you change your zip code the wrong way then your car insurance rates get doubled also.

To learn more about the car insurance rates in Florida, please contact us at DMG Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. ( at 543 N state Road 7, STE 106, Royal Palm Beach EL, 33411, phone 561 422 7071, Fax 561 422 7072.

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