Teen Auto Insurance – Auto Insurance Rating Factors for Younger Drivers

Teen Auto Insurance in Florida

In general, teen auto insurance tends to be more costly than the auto insurance for older drivers. Obviously, teens are more aggressive, stronger and more inexperienced than their parents.  Younger drivers are still on their way up the rank to enjoy road adventures and travelling.

Why do teens pay higher insurance rates?

Based on statistics, teens are more likely to face road accidents, commit traffic violations and get traffic tickets compared to mature drivers.  Almost all auto insurance companies consider these things in determining the high risk factors when it’s time for teens to get their teen car insurance.  Fortunately, they can keep their insurance rates less expensive the way it should be.

Do male drivers pay more for the premium?

Compared to women, men typically pay higher premiums.  The big rate difference relies completely on findings and statistics. Compared to young women who drive, young men tend:

  1. to rack up more traffic violations and get speeding tickets
  2. to drive more under the influence (DUI)
  3. not to wear their seatbelts constantly
  4. to choose flashier and faster cars
  5. to drive more with people inside the car
  6. to drive more frequently than females

Bear in mind that car insurance providers take seriously in knowing about teens’ risk factors and they match them with insurance rates. Male teens who drive can take advantage of the cost-efficient offer of insurers for lower rates.

Teen Auto Insurance in Florida

Teen auto insurance rating factors

Most of the rating factors on car insurance vary from each other based on the individual insurance and the state where teens live in.  Here are some of the usual rating factors used by car insurance providers:

  1. Gender and age. As mentioned earlier, teen drivers usually pay more. With this, female drivers get better rates on car insurance.
  1. Location. The specific location and the place where car is often parked have something to do with insurance rates.  Also car drivers in countryside who park their vehicles in garages have more chances of getting low rates than the people living in urban cities.
  1. Record in driving. These records play an important role in recognizing both potential discounts and rates.  When checking out your record in driving, insurance providers consider these:
  • violations in traffic and record points in driving
  • status of driver’s license as well as the past and recent revocations and suspensions
  • car accidents
  1. Car’s model. Usually, older but modest-looking cars find better rates than the newer and flashier models.
  1. How often your car is used? Do you use your car daily? Or, do you use it several times a week?
  1. Your job. Do you drive the car when going to workplace or you use it for pleasure?
  1. Car insurance history.  It is ideal not to have a gap in coverage; if you have, it will affect the quote for your rate.
  1. Previous claims in car insurance. How frequent have you filed for your claims before and what were your reasons?

 Teen Auto Insurance in Florida

TIPS for cheap insurance for teens

Here are some ways to get more inexpensive car insurance for teens:

  1. Picking a safe car. Many car insurance firms will offer low rates for safe, modest cars than to offer a flashier equivalent.
  1. Getting on the insurance policy of parents. Being a teen, you don’t need yet a car insurance policy, but technically you can get on the policy that belongs to your parents. While it may increase the rates, the result is a much cheaper rate than paying two separate policies. But it’s always good to have a price comparison on both of them.
  1. Choosing higher deductibles. In the long run, it will be the decision of your parents if you belong to their policy.  But, having option to pay higher deductibles always lowers regular premiums.  Make sure to get affordable deductibles because time comes when accident is inescapable.
  1. Finishing driver’s education. Completing driver’s education is one of the requirements of the insurance company.  It doesn’t only mean developing your driving skills but you’ve got also a worthwhile training behind-the-wheel.  Take this course for a significant lower rate on your policy.
  1. Having good grades. There are many insurance companies that consider good grades in offering good student discount. Insurance companies can provide for the financial relief when teens keep A to B grades – on average range.
  1. Keeping driving record clean. It plays a big role in lowering car insurance rates if your driving is clean. This applies for younger and older drivers alike. Drive carefully and safely for a clean record and your rates will remain low.
  1. Leaving the car behind when entering college. When commencing your college years, insurance firms offer rate discounts when car is left behind. Your parents can choose to take you off their insurance policy altogether until such time you will drive again.

Keep in mind that these are just options for helpful money-saving.  Make it a point to discuss things with your car insurance agent if there are additions in saving more for your car insurance coverage.

Teen Auto Insurance in Florida

Florida Teen Auto Insurance

The estate of Florida has taken up the system of Graduated Driver Licensing GDL for teenagers. It is designed to lower the frequency of road accidents done by inexperienced teen drivers. This driving system helps untrained young drivers to get more privileges in driving while at the same time gaining driving skills that culminate in having an official driver’s license.

GDL is intended to young individuals aged 15 to 17, while those teens aged 16 to 17 can apply for class “E” restricted driver’s license.  Teens can have this license if requirements are completed and once the teenager has obtained a clean driving record.

To learn more about Teen Auto Insurance in Florida, please contact us at DMG Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. (http://www.dmginsurance.com) at 543 N state Road 7, STE 106, Royal Palm Beach EL, 33411, phone 561 422 7071, Fax 561 422 7072.

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