How to Help Seniors Cope with Lengthy Winter Season

How to Help Seniors Cope with Lengthy Winter Season

In some parts of US, winter isn’t over yet. In fact, many parts are experiencing extremes of winter condition. But how are you going to help your loved ones, especially seniors who are still affected by the freezing winter?

With slippery sidewalks, power outages and freezing temperatures, this long-staying winter is not often a wonderland, especially for the old people. So, it is still time in Florida to give your loved ones a helping hand and regular ways of supporting them.

Stopping falls

Once surroundings become slick, falls also become a big concern of all seniors. Based on the survey of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of three adults (age more than 65) experience falls once a year, and around twenty to thirty percent of these falls end up having a decrease in their mobility.

To be able to help seniors, always keep the outdoor, driveway and sideways de-iced and shoveled. If this task seems too difficult to do, get someone to help you or probably hire a professional.  Check the accomplished job to make sure everything is done properly and in a suitable manner.

When you still feel about possible falls, why not allow your loved ones to use a device.  Something like an electronic emergency device to call your attention would be helpful if things go wrong.

Keeping them safe when at home

It’s risky for seniors to experience drops in their body temperature or when they become too thirsty or hungry, as these can put them into risks.

Help seniors by monitoring consistently the heat setting inside your house to make sure they feel comfortable. Remove all decorations, furniture, books, towels and other items away from the heat radiators, heat vent or other sources of heat. Then, bear in mind that incorrect use of items like space heater will be unsafe to them, or to anyone else in the house.

Test also the carbon monoxide and fire alarm detectors if they are at their best working condition.  Alarm should be loud enough with recharged or new batteries.

And in your pantry, ensure there are sufficient foods and water which are easy-to-reach for the old people.  Always check out those supplies, making sure senior’s regular meals are not skipped.  During emergency times, your old loved ones should have water, food, medicines, flashlights, blankets at hand.

Riding out the storm

If there is a snowstorm and it happens that seniors are disabled physically or have a weakened memory, more care should be given to them. If it is not possible for you to be there to attend their needs, check them from time to time using your phone.  Or, you can ask help from someone to stay overnight.

Being around them before, during and after a snowstorm makes them feel protected and cared for. If they need transportation, make a good arrangement for this. In case the power goes out, always have a safe place for them to go to get warmed and secured.

Most importantly, remember that the immediate support needed by your loved ones during winter can be different compared to the past winter. If you notice that their mobility, health, memory and eyesight have weakened seriously, you should be with them even more.  If most of the time they are less active or lonelier than their usual condition, observe some signs of seasonal emotional disorder.

Do you know your loved ones by heart?  Do you know the things and health insurance seniors need most?  Make sure you keep catering to their special needs and to their overall well-being. Seniors will be grateful to you if you care enough for them before winter ends.

To learn more about the affordable winter coverage for seniors, please contact us at DMG Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. ( at 543 N state Road 7, STE 106, Royal Palm Beach EL, 33411, phone 561 422 7071, Fax 561 422 7072.

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