Water Loss – Black Water Damage in Florida

When people hear about black water, what enters people’s mind can be backwoods dwelling, swamp land or probably a moonshine barrel. However, when the issue is about  black water damage, then it can be described as the most awful type of water. It destroys both homes and businesses.

Water Loss – Black Water Damage in Florida

Because of unsanitary liquid, black water damage can carry hazardous germs and micro-organism enough to cause filthiness and diseases. The bad thing is that it can occupy the entire property. Most homeowners don’t realize that the stagnant water removed from the flooded area can be the most terrible water.  Obviously, the black water coming from the sewage should be avoided and dried appropriately by the experts.

This was the big issue when a family in Bell Glade, Florida experienced the big problem about black water damage. The couple spent their vacation away from home, expecting everything to be fine when they returned. Sadly, when they came back, their water heater was already seriously broken. It was the result of unexpected water damage that dominated the whole house with dirty, flooded water. Water worsened and became filthy black water.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any neighbour to look after their house while spending vacation. Had they discovered immediately the water damage and called up a water restoration company, then it wouldn’t have caused serious damage to their property. The water heater and other things inside the house could have been protected. Since water was stagnant in the house for days, it required the process of effective water damage restoration.

Upon learning of the big problem, the couple consulted a black water damage restoration company to clean up the entire mess.  Because black water entered in the closets, bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, clean up was laborious and required long procedure.  Water was extracted from the floor tiles and carpets.  The floor carpets and the pads were removed including the toe kicks and the baseboard in their kitchen cabinets.  Furthermore, area rugs also sustained damages from the black water. In the storage room, the couple’s personal belongings were destroyed. Some of their items were saved, but most of them were discarded because of severe wetness and damage.

When you leave your home for a vacation, particularly with an extended period of time, let your neighbour or friend watch over your property. And if you have encountered black water, or any water damage, get in touch immediately with a water restoration company!


Water Loss – Black Water Damage in Florida

Dealing with black water damage

Water damage usually comes from toilet flow, leaking pipes, failure of water heater, damaged dishwasher, failure of washing machine, or water from outside.  Since South Florida is a place prone to hurricanes and heavy rains, people think this is the reason for water damage. But in most cases, the issue happens due to common negligence. Frequently, homeowners just clean up the water and they forget to seek the help of professionals.

What to do?

If you experience these big problems, the right thing to do is to turn off the water in your house. And if there’s water flowing from outdoor, stop it from coming in, do your very best. Then call a restoration company to look at the damage and give estimate to dry your place. Everything must quickly take place after discovering this serious issue.

Need of expert cleaners

Whether black water damage looks hazardous or not, don’t take charge of the cleaning. Most homeowners clean the area and dry it up but another problem may happen then. Complete cleaning is drying both the outer part of the affected area and the innermost part. Water can pass through the flooring and walls and if these areas are not fully dried up, mold will develop. Allowing experts to inspect the entire place and apply the right treatment matters most.

What not to do with contractors?

  1. Never select a water remediation company or contractor that will only push you to sign an agreement of benefits.
  2. Never enter into an agreement with a language not clear to you.
  3. If you’re in doubt, consult your insurance company or agent for appropriate advice and recommendation.

When faced with black water damage problem, get a professional restoration company in Florida.  Ask for free estimates to get an idea about the cost. Seek for the licensed, insured services that can provide reasonable quotes. Find one that works with credibility and in partnership with insurance companies in Florida.

For our future post, we will be featuring the other categories of water. We’ll give you further information about this topic.

To learn more about black water damage in Florida, please contact us at DMG Insurance and Financial Services, Inc. ( http://www.dmginsurance.com ) at 543 N state Road 7, STE 106, Royal Palm Beach EL, 33411, phone 561 422 7071 , Fax 561 422 7072.

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