What’s all the fuss about mitigation forms?

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The wind mitigation forms were first introduced in Florida in 2007 and they were a godsend. Many homeowners benefited from lower premiums. Through the years, they have gone through many revisions.

Normally, the mitigation forms are good for five years but if you change insurance companies after the five year period, all companies will require a reinspection.  However, in February, 2012 a new form was introduced.  A few companies continue to accept the older form. Your agent will advise you what the requirements are for each insurance  company. These new forms  now have stricter guidelines but some homeowners may actually qualify for more credits with the new procedures.

At renewal, most people may see a premium increase. But don’t fret. Your agent is here to help. Your premium can possibly be reduced by just obtaining a mitigation inspection. It’s that simple.

Remember, if your rates go up, don’t panic just give your agent a call.

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