Trying Turducken This Holiday?

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Trying Turducken This Holiday?

Trying Turducken This Holiday? If you’re looking for something different to serve this Thanksgiving, perhaps a little turducken may be in order. Turducken was popularized by NFL analyst and announcer John Madden during a nationally televised football game. It is a variation of a dish that was served by wenches in 18th-century England.

But now, the deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck stuffed into a deboned turkey with bread stuffing in between has achieved fame. It generated more than 700,000 results in a search on Google in September. With plans for Thanksgiving celebrations now under way, it might soon double that. For all the information flying around about turducken, not many people admit to liking it. But it is, many agree, a showy way to celebrate the holiday. Perhaps turducken should enjoy fame while it can. A goose-based variation, called gooducken, may not be far behind. Gooducken, of course, is a goose stuffed with a duck, which, in turn, is stuffed with a chicken.

Trying Turducken This Holiday?

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