Auto Accident and Fraud Prevention Checklist

 Auto Accident and Fraud Prevention Checklist

 Having an accident is often a very stressful, emotional situation. Multiple people can be involved and many things can happen very quickly. To help ensure the circumstances of the accident are accurately recorded, we suggest you use the following checklist.

To aid you to accurately record the facts, we also suggest you keep a fresh, disposable  camera in your vehicle and take pictures of:

 – The scene

-The vehicle damage to all involved vehicles license plates of all involved vehicles drivers, passengers  and witnesses

-Any identification and insurance documents.

Note:   Use your cell phone camera if another camera is not available.

Be sure to contact your insurance agent  or broker as soon as possible to report the claim.

Safety  Issues:

-Tend to the injured, and summon rescue personnel (EMS, fire dept. etc.) if necessary.

If no one is injured, move vehicles out of traffic lanes or onto the shoulder. If they cannot be moved, activate your four-way flashers and/or set up flares if available.

Never drive your vehicle away from the scene if it is unsafe.

Notify the Police: Call police from the accident scene even though they may not respond to the scene unless there are injuries.

If the police do respond to the scene, be sure to tell them how the accident occurred so the details are recorded on the police report. Note: Avoid speaking to others at the scene regarding the facts of the loss, and do not accept or admit fault as all circumstances involved in causing the accident may not be known at this point.

Check your state requirements if any additional accident reports should be made to the DMV etc.

Information concerning the other  vehicle(s):

Ask for  all of the other vehicles’ insurance certificates,  and write down (a picture can be taken of the certificate) the insurance information for all vehicles involved (owner, company, policy number, expiration date, etc.).If the certificate is not available, obtain as much insurance information as you can, verbally.

Ask for all other vehicles’ registrations, and write down (a picture can be taken of the registration)  the vehicle’s identifying information (make, model, color) and license plate numbers and vehicle identification number (VIN) if possible. If the registration is not available, obtain as much of the vehicle information as you can, verbally.

Is the other vehicle registered to someone other than the driver at the time of the accident?  If so, is the other vehicle a rental?

Write down or take a picture of all other vehicles’ pubic VIN (often visible through the windshield in the corner of the dashboard of the driver’s side).

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